Have you ever used Instagram analytics software to increase your Instagram followers? Are you among those who wish to take advantage of social media platforms to create an identity for yourself?

With constant content posting, updating images and videos on your Instagram account, how do you track your success rate? Do you know that Instagram does have various analytics tools that could help you figure out a strategy to increase your Instagram followers? 

By using the analytics tools online, you will be able to find out if the time, money, and effort you spent on your account are worth it or not.

Let’s have a look at some of the best Instagram analytics tools that will help to increase your followers and justify the resources spent on Instagram.

An Insight On Instagram Analytics Tools. 

Instagram Insights aims to assist the user in self assessing his/her Instagram account performance. 

Earlier, Instagram never offered these services to its users. The avid user had to depend on the third-party-developed software. This software provided concrete feedback to the users about the content posted on their profile. It provided an opportunity for the account holders to point out the flaws in their content. The feedback helped them to work upon the weak points and correct them in future posts. This later helped them to increase their followers count.

Eventually, Instagram came up with their analytics tools – Instagram Insights with limited access to only business accounts. This resulted in growth of Instagram business profiles. However, it did not hinder the development of other online services that offered analytical tools. 

To increase more traffic on your Instagram handle and be successful, you need to have clear, focused goals for your profile. Also, to meet these goals, you need tools to analyze and track your progress. Here’s where Instagram analytics tools come into the picture. They offer help in tracking your profile growth, enable you to target and focus on your efforts and provide you with adequate information to meet your goals. 

Is It Essential To Use Instagram Analytics Tools To Grow Your Instagram Account?

Yes, If you wish to increase your Instagram followers, then you must use the analytics tools. 

Instagram is one of the popular social media platforms; users actively connect with their favorite brands and influencers.

To analyze how well your followers received your posts, you must turn to Instagram analytics tools to gain better insight. 

Here are some of the reasons why Instagram Analytics tools are worth opting for:

  • The Instagram platform is incredibly popular. It’s not easy to figure out the impact of your engagement rate on your potential customers. 
  • With thousands of people posting often, you may not be able to gather valuable information about your niche.
  • It helps figure out which content or trending hashtag can create the wave and help you to get more followers. 

Best Instagram Analytics Tools

Next, we will have a look at some of the best Instagram analytics tools available. 

Instagram Insights

Insights is a built-in Instagram analytics tool. It offers a quick snapshot of the engagements and impressions you received recently. The tool helps to compare your performance using various metrics. Besides, this tool will help you understand which content gained more popularity and your account’s reach.

By clicking on the graph icon present on your profile page, you will access your profile’s Instagram Insights page. Some of the main metrics they evaluate include:

  • Likes. 
  • Comments. 
  • Reach. 
  • Engagement. 
  • Shares. 
  • Profile visits. 
  • Website clicks.

Further on towards the end of the page, you will come across the top post section. This displays the top six content posted based on impressions from the previous week. For those interested in finding out the detailed statistics of a specific post, you can tap on the View Insights for that particular post. You will also come across a section named stories that give a clear insight into the stories you post on Instagram. With the filters available, you can change the analysis period up to 2 weeks and alter the other metrics to suit your requirements.


While most of the Instagram analytics tools provide daily reporting features that track your progress, Keyhole claims to provide its clients with real-time feedback. For instance, if you use a specific keyword or hashtag in your content, you will see the direction in which the trends are emerging. It helps track your performance by using appropriate hashtags to gain a better return on investment. To top it all, it helps you to create Target Hashtag Reports to analyze how far your social media campaigns have performed. 

Some of the critical metrics that Keyhole tool includes: 

  • Competitor’s activity. 
  • Follower’s activity. 
  • Top and effective hashtags based on engagement. 

Do you happen to have a business profile that hires influencers regularly to enhance your sales and brand awareness? Keyhole will track and figure out how successful the influencers were in marketing your brand. It also provides you with internal trends that offer the best results and the activities that attract the highest follower growth. 

Using this tool, you will automatically track your competitor’s profile and see what works for them and what doesn’t. Lastly, it monitors and keeps an eye on what others are talking about your brand. 


SocialRank is an incredible analytics tool that helps you to watch and categorize each of your Instagram followers. Unlike other Instagram analytics tools that target your post’s performance and hard data metrics, SocialRank offers detailed audience metrics of your profile. By understanding your follower’s patterns, you can customize your content updates that suit your audience. 

By using SocialRank, you’ll be able to find followers based on hashtags and bio keywords. It helps you analyze which followers have a greater influence on your profile and who engages the most with your brand. You’ll also be able to find out if any verified Instagram account user is following your page. 

This tool works great for beginners and provides you with effective reports. It guides them and lets the user progresses on the right track. SocialRank is also beneficial for marketing your brand on a local basis. By filtering down your potential audience based on location, you can reach out to them in the form of local live events and other campaigns.

Final Thoughts

Instagram analytics tools are definitely worth a try. These tools make for a great choice irrespective of you looking for enhanced engagement rate or trying to zero in on the trending and popular hashtags for your Instagram account.

By closely analyzing the information provided by these tools, you will figure out what works for you and what isn’t and make the necessary changes.

Pick the one that suits your requirements and witness an increase in your Instagram followers. 

Do let us know in the comment section below which Instagram analytics tool worked well for you.