We can’t deny the popularity of Instagram in the present world. The famous social media platform managed to conquer all the fields and brought the world under one roof. 

The success of an Instagram profile is measured by the number of followers the account holds. Such being the case, don’t you want to increase your Instagram account followers? 

Not many are aware of the effective methods that will help them to increase their Instagram followers.

With over 30 million influential brand profiles on Instagram, you may encounter huge amounts of competition, especially from the ones in your niche.

That being said, to increase followers for your Instagram account, you need to invest time and effort to meet great results. By being active on your Instagram handle, you can increase your followers count organically or with the help of paid services. If you’re new to marketing on Instagram and not interested in spending cash, this post is for you. 

Here we will find out in detail some of the effective ways to increase your followers count on your Instagram page organically.

The Importance Of Creating Engaging Content. 

When it comes to attracting potential followers on social media platforms like Instagram, appealing content holds greater importance. Most users tend to share images and videos that they consider to be attractive. However, to capture your niche audience’s attention, you need to provide content that keeps them engaged. 

Engaging in trending and relevant topics is an excellent way to make your content visible and liked by other users on Instagram. Make sure that every post on your page is visually engaging and is of high-quality. So, when new visitors scroll through your profile, it should keep them hooked to your page and inspire them to click the follow button.

Interesting content prompts people to like, comment, and share your posts. It also enables you to have a better reach in getting new followers. Additionally, by posting good content consistently, you will be able to keep your existing followers. 

Why Is It Necessary To Schedule Your Posts?

Once you have finished creating engaging and relevant content, you can schedule your posts for either once in one week or even once a month. This mainly depends on how far you are interested in creating a schedule plan. Scheduling posts will help you to make the best use of your marketing efforts. 

When your potential audience shows interest in your profile, they will keep returning to it regularly to check the content you’re posting. Such interested users need consistency and may feel disappointed if you post on an ad hoc basis or infrequently. 

Luckily, there is no specific rule for posting frequency. You may come across certain brands posting one content per week, whereas some opt for 30 per day. How much content can you post? Well, it depends on your niche community. To be on the safe side, avoid posting too much as it might be mistaken for automated bots work by the Instagram team. 

Connect With and Follow Similar Accounts In Your Niche Community. 

On realizing your passion and after coming up with great content, it’s high time to garner your potential followers’ attention. The first step in this line is to find out who your competitors are. Make a list; please mark the competitors’ accounts in your target market and go through their follower’s list. These target users are those interested in your specific niche. So dedicate adequate time and effort to follow each of their followers and authentically engage in interesting conversations with them. Capture their attention and make your content compel them to look at your page and inspire them to click on the follow button.

Also, attempt to like and comment on the posts of these target audiences. This indicates that you are paying attention to their content and, in turn, get noticed by them. Normally, this step will attract the followers to go through your page, like what you’re posting, and follow you back. This is one of the simplest ways to increase your followers count on Instagram organically.

Now that you have the attention of these followers in your niche community find out in detail about these accounts and gain a better insight into what keeps them engaged. For this, go through their posts and also find out the accounts that they are following. Please make an effort to publish content that is up-to-date and relevant to avoid getting unfollowed by them. 

Stay Away From Fake Instagram Followers

There is a vast difference between increasing your followers’ number organically or amassing your profile with fake followers. It may seem alluring, especially for new account holders to buy followers. However, the risks exceed the benefits of having real followers. 

Real and genuine users who follow your account will comment and like your content. They actively engage in your posts and share them on their respective profiles. For instance, beauty brands on Instagram take the effort and time to resolve users’ queries about their various products. This keeps the potential visitors coming back to them following their accounts. Engaging conversations hold a better value than having a group of inactive and fake followers on your page.

When it comes to fake Instagram followers, they exhibit the following traits:

Have zero engagement or buzz. 

In case if you happen to have tons of fake followers, you might have noticed by now that none of them make an effort to share, like, or comment on your content. Meanwhile, there’s a greater chance for Instagram to clear and delete these bot accounts – leaving your Instagram page deserted with no activities. 

Misleads the new followers on your page. 

When potential followers come across your Instagram feed and find very low activity irrespective of having thousands of followers, it decreases your account’s credibility. Avoid using tricks to make users follow you! Instead, resort to creating long-lasting relationships based on trust by providing better engagement.

Does not generate any return on investment.

Even if you find it easier to buy fake followers, remember none of these followers will buy anything related to your brand. Users generally follow brands to find out more about the products they offer. The real followers create more leads, resulting in the generation of sales to your business.

Final Thoughts

By driving more traffic to your page organically, you will save on your marketing budget.  At the same time, the genuine followers who connect with your topic or brand help generate revenue. 

On the other hand, if quantity is all that matters to you, try spending money to avail of Instagram automated bots’ services. They provide services that automate custom targeting, likes, follow/unfollow, and other such services. Remember to use these services in moderation to avoid getting flagged by Instagram.