Are you interested in creating a niche-oriented Instagram account? Would you like to advertise your brand and boost your business with the help of social media? 

You have landed on the right page! Theme-oriented Instagram accounts and niche-oriented pages are the new in thing. 

In case you are new to Instagram, you may find it very overwhelming. But, creating a niche page for your brand should be on top of your marketing strategy. 

By creating a perfect niche that suits your interest will help you grow organically on Instagram. It would also pave the way to interact with your audience effortlessly. Besides, you will effectively stay connected with your followers and address their concerns. Take the time to reflect on your passion and create a niche account that will make you unique. 

Are you pondering how you can stand out among the thousands of influencers who are taking the Instagram platform by storm? Keep reading and understand how you can grow your niche Instagram handle. 

How To Find The Perfect Niche And Get Started? 

You don’t have to break your head or do any mathematical calculation to find your perfect niche. All that is required of you is to follow your passion. Pick the account category that inspires and interests you not because it is the most trending. But, make sure that the niche you pick has a greater potential for growth. 

Once you pick the main niche, it is important to choose the sub-category carefully. By choosing a sub-niche, you get better opportunities to polish your account, as they may not be well saturated as the mainstream niches. For instance, if photography is your mainstream niche, you can opt for nature photography or land photography as your sub-niche. Irrespective of the niche you choose – ensure that it is something that you are passionate about, as your ultimate goal is to garner attention and drive more traffic to your page.

Meanwhile, stay away from niches that do not offer much competition or don’t come under any specific theme. Don’t go far away from the mainstream themes, as you may find it hard to boost your niche account and gain more followers. Here’s why? When a niche has very little to zero competition, it shows that a specific topic lacks to hold the followers’ interest. 

Once you have zeroed in on your niche brand account, it’s important to stick to that specific niche. Avoid putting up posts on a bunch of topics that seem unrelated to your niche. This way, you can attract targeted audiences who are interested in your topic. Next, you must develop an appealing name for your Instagram Niche page. Along with it, create an incredible bio that describes what your page offers. Here you must convey to your targeted audience what’s your post about, where you are located, and so on.

Why Is It Essential To Post Quality Content?

Once you have set up your niche account, you need to post incredible content to attract views. You can use any online tool to find the right content for your niche.

The most common method used involves browsing on Instagram using popular hashtags related to your niche. Here, you can search and save the content that has garnered more attention and re-post it on your page. Make sure to give credits to the original creator of the video or image.

While it appears to be alluring to re-post the best content on Instagram, remember that most of the other accounts in your niche are using the same method. Avoid using content that has been shared many times over the years. Opt for quality content that hasn’t been shared by many and is quite recent. 

Additionally, if you wish to get better results, hunt for higher resolution images that are visually pleasing, make a few tweaks to them, and develop a captivating caption before posting them on your page.

The two points to focus upon to grow your niche Instagram account is: 

  • Posting daily. 
  • Using Niche focused content.

 Ensure you post high-quality content that is related to your niche. 

Consistency is the key to growing any successful Instagram account. This shows that you are active on your page and available to address any related queries. Maintain a specific schedule and stick to it – to build a rapport with your followers. 

How To Identify Followers in Your Niche?

The most effective way to attract followers to your page is by interacting with the community of followers related to your niche. For this, you will have to like or follow the posts of other pages of your niche. Some of the popular methods to identify your potential audience includes:

Searching for popular hashtags associated with your niche. 

By researching and finding posts that use similar hashtags, you will find popular influencers and individuals interested in your niche. You may even come across pages that deal with these topics. To find well-known Hashtags on Instagram – either opt for free online programs or try doing a google search. 

Follow other influential niche Instagram pages that have a huge following. 

By analyzing popular influencers’ profiles, you will gain more knowledge about the theme and strategies they have used. It’ll also help you connect with the followers of these pages and get them to like your page.

Grow Your Niche Instagram Page By Interacting With Your Target Audience

If you wish to boost the followers count on your Instagram Niche page, you need to boost your account traffic. The most effective way to do this is by interacting with the potential users of your niche. Most niche account holders depend on automated bots to follow and unfollow the accounts. However, it’s not an advisable method. It’s less risky as your brand is not linked with your niche page. Besides, If you are using re-posted content, there’s nothing to lose even if your Instagram page gets deleted or suspended.

All that you need to do is follow and like popular content related to your niche. Hunt for popular niche hashtags and search for successful pages that use them. Tap on their recent posts and go through the list of people who liked the content. Check out their profiles and interact with them to start engaging conversations. 

Another effective method to interact with your potential audience is by liking and commenting on the post related to your niche. This will attract the attention of the audience. Probably, they may start interacting with you and following you in return. 

Final Thoughts

You will find that most influencers opt for popular niche topics related to fashion, beauty, travel, and food. Focus on what interests you and find something that will help you boost your Instagram followers.

Getting to grow your niche Instagram handle naturally is an exciting journey. You will get to experiment with different techniques and strategies to see which one works for you. Do try applying the techniques mentioned above. Witness how your niche Instagram account paves way for better growth and increases the number of followers and likes your account holds.