Running a successful business requires strong marketing strategies. The financial growth of a business depends on the smart marketing of the brand. If recent trends are anything to go by, social media platforms like Instagram make for the best pick to start with. 

Technology has made things easy to handle at the same time very competitive too. Marketing products and brands evolved over the times and gave nativity to a new trend. 

Marketing the brand on Instagram helps you to see an increase in sales and leads. It places you as an influential leader in the industry.  In recent trends, it is noticed that companies use the Instagram tool to share their corporate culture, new services, and products with the followers. Instagram has provided businesses with the opportunity to target a huge niche audience to yield instant results. 

By using Instagram marketing, businesses can engage in conversations with their target audience. All that brand has to take care of is to post content with impressive videos and images on their Instagram handle. This helps in alluring new visitors, creating brand identity and brand loyalty.

Are you wondering how to attract real active followers to build your business Instagram accounts? We have outlined it for you. Here are a few pointers that will help you keep your Instagram business profile high with followers organically. 

Can Optimizing Your Brand Page Increase Your Engagement Hits?

Your business profile on Instagram is the public face of your company. With the help of the platform, you will be able to deliver quality brand images to your target audience. 

Creating a business page on Instagram may sound obvious to some companies. But start-up businesses may consider linking it to their accounts. Irrespective of your choice, make sure that your profile displays high-quality content. The content should be loud and clear about the products your brand offers. It’s important to avoid mixing business-related posts with personal content, as this can keep potential users from following your account. Ensure that everything your target audience reads on your business profile falls in line with your brand.

Generally, Instagram business profiles contain valuable information such as:

· What they provide.

· Where are they located?

· Contact information.

· Opening hours. 

 Linking your profile to a landing page will result in more leads that convert to sales. Once you have set up an incredible profile, you need to stay focused on being an active participant in your brand community. Follow customers who are active participants in your niche. Respond to their content in the form of comments and like to display your presence. Avoid overdoing it as it can be perceived as a red alert activity by the site.

Using Popular Brand Hashtags Can Increase Traffic To Your Business Profile. 

The best way to widen your reach is by using appropriate hashtags. Include the right hashtags along with your brand images.  Ensure you post the images and videos, which will provide your profile more visibility and bag more followers. Before you use a hashtag, ensure you double-check its meaning and see if it aligns with your brand identity.

Normally, popular hashtags keep changing from time to time. So, you have to check with the latest stats to remain up-to-date in posting quality content. Look for relevant niche-specific hashtags to connect with your target audience. If you happen to have a local business page, make sure to add hashtags that are geo-targeted to your location. 

Instagram offers you the privilege to choose up to 30 hashtags. But don’t overuse hashtags as well. It will create an unreadable and clustered mess in your posts. In general, it’s advisable to include up to five hashtags that would help you create more impact. Before posting any content, conduct thorough research to find the best hashtags that you can use. This way, your brand can gain more popularity and followers too.

Why Is It Necessary To Post Content That Keeps Your Audience Interested In Your Profile?

The main goal in creating an Instagram business profile is to create a brand image for your business. However, it appears to be easy to comment on other business profiles’ posts to attract the follower’s attention. It would be best if you gave adequate importance to sharing great content related to your brand. Post some eye-catching and high-resolution images which would hold the attention of your potential customers. Here are some content types that work well in promoting your brand on Instagram.

· Post testimonials from clients. Share the client feedback on how effective your products are or the work experience with you. Before you share your user’s experience on your page, make sure to get the customer’s permission. 

 · Educational and informative posts that talk about your service or product. At times, individuals are not aware of what they can expect or how to use the product or services you offer. 

· Share the behind-the-scenes videos or images. Give a glimpse to your potential audience a clear understanding of what you provide.

Can Shadow Banning Affect Your Business Account From Getting Followers?

Shadow banning restricts your visibility on your followers’ feed and limits your content reach. Your content will not appear on the public’s explore pages and get restricted to only your follower’s accounts. 

By limiting your post’s visibility and reach, you may find it hard to get new followers and connect with your target audience. This can be frustrating for business accounts that are trying to market their products to the public. To keep your business profile from being shadow banned, here are a few pointers that you should keep in mind.

· Give access to only trusted and approved third-party apps. Ensure they are official partners of Instagram.

· Don’t over-post content on your account – as Instagram views this unusual engagement as an automated bot activity. Give gaps between each post. 

· Avoid activities that violate the terms and policies of Instagram. If found guilty, Instagram may lock your account for up to two days or completely delete your profile.

· Try to post content that follows Instagram guidelines to avoid getting reported. 

· Never use restricted or banned hashtags. 

Final Thoughts

With the ever-changing algorithms, businesses need to be aware of the tricks to grab the attention of potential users that keep scrolling by. Getting more Instagram followers is not an easy task, especially if you are new to the platform. Earlier, all you needed to do was post an image with a few popular hashtags to earn a few followers. 

Constant up-gradation in social media marketing trends makes it a challenging task for businesses to survive in the cutthroat competition. Staying up-to-date and mastering the new techniques are the key to the survival of your business. Make use of the pointers mentioned in this post to drive more traffic to your Instagram business profile.