No doubt, social media has become the primary platform to reach a larger audience. Right from celebrities to politicians put efforts to generate more traffic in their Instagram handle. Now comes the difficult question: can you get followers daily in a consistent manner. 

Wondering if that’s possible? By using the right and effective methods, you can drive traffic to your page daily in no time. But the key is to put in hours of effort and incredible resources to get the desired results. 

Do you know on a daily basis close to 500 million Instagram users use the app? As an aspiring influencer, you should aim to attract these users and convert them into your followers. Sounds difficult to meet? Here are a few tips that could help you get Instagram followers consistently.

How To Optimize Your Account And Attract Followers?

Before drafting a strategy to gain more followers for your page, you must ensure that your account is optimized. It should have all the information needed to showcase your brand. The profile should clearly state who you are, what you provide, and what you’re passionate about. Consider your Instagram bio information as the homepage of your account.

Without a proper username or a bio, a new visitor would not figure out what exactly your page talks about. Don’t put a blurred or edited profile pic, as this can turn down your potential visitors from coming back to your account. It gives an impression of a fake profile, and followers would not show any interest, even if the content is interesting.

It’s an obvious fact that your profile image, captions, and bio are the foundations that display your brand identity. Opt for usernames that are close to your niche or actual brand and are friendly in tone. If you have a long business name, make it short that can grab the audience’s attention. Avoid using special characters and numbers; use a standard format for your other social media accounts. 

It would be best if you optimized your Instagram handle so that the targeted audience can view your account. Do not have a personal blog or website and not sure where to link? You can always go ahead and market pages relevant to your specific niche, campaign, or hashtags on Instagram. This cohesive experience of moving to a site from the bio has resulted in IG link landing pages’ popularity. 

Is It Important To Be Active And Post Content At Least Once A Day?

Absolutely! You need to be active on Instagram and like posts of other accounts related to your niche. By commenting on other users’ videos or images and engaging in conversations with them regularly, you would be able to get noticed by a potential audience. This approach also helps in getting the attention of your target audience too.

That being said, you must avoid being overactive and extremely engaging too. It may often send a wrong message indicating your Instagram account as spam managed by a bot.  During this process, you may come across many obnoxious accounts that post random comments to get noticed. They use URLs to generate traffic to their web portals. You wouldn’t want to be one of them! 

So, ensure you are active and use your account frequently.  But keep your interactions at a socially acceptable level to gain genuine and reliable followers. 

Can Authenticity Have A Huge Impact In Increasing Your Instagram Audience Consistently?

Are you passionate about building your Instagram page? Do you want to have a huge number of followers and garner more likes? If so, it’s essential to stick to being real and honest to attract the followers. To create authentic relationships with your followers, you need to stick to products and brands you truly trust and believe in. With years of experience, you would figure out which brands are suitable for your niche. It would be best if you give importance to the brands that your followers are interested in – as it contributes to your overall success.

With all the hype that Instagram is getting these days, things can feel fake and misleading at times. Intriguing questions may arise in the minds of your audience, such as: 

Is that person’s face flawless? How can someone have a perfect life? How are things so clean in that person’s house? And many more. That’s why you need to create authentic content that followers can relate with. By posting personal experiences and user-generated content, you will be able to shed light on what you want to promote. 

Besides, using the Instagram stories tool, you’ll be able to reveal your unique personality to your potential audience. Using live stories will help you convey your company’s culture to your followers when it comes to brands. A great way to attract followers is by posting videos on your page daily. 

Can Bragging Too Much Keep People From Visiting Your Page?

Yes, it can! For instance, you accomplished or won an award. For sure, that’s something that you should post and share with your followers. It adds credentials to your page if it happens to be related to your specific topic or niche. That being said, don’t post only the certificates, reviews, and accolades that you get on your page.

Similarly, do not spend more time promoting any specific product or service. Mentioning about it once or twice should do the trick. Anything beyond that can turn down the interest of your followers as they’re not following your space for just promotional content. Followers are more interested in knowing the real you or brand you are passionate about and why. Audiences prefer to be creatively inspired and enjoy a good laugh. 

Final Thoughts

Social media is here to stay. If you are a new start-up thriving to sustain in the market, you must incorporate Instagram marketing in your business plan. Ensure to take advantage of the above tips to boost your reach and get followers daily. Remember, connecting with your target audience and getting them to follow you back is not a number game. To be successful on Instagram, you need to remain active, authentic and provide quality content to your audience.

Do let us know in the comment section below which method you used to boost your Instagram followers and how it worked for you.