Are you planning to venture into the online business world? Marketing services and products through Instagram is something every business must consider. For this, you need a huge number of followers to advertise your brand.

But here is the truth: Getting your first 5000 Instagram followers is not an easy task. Wondering why? As a beginner, no one is aware of what you provide or who you are. So, it becomes a tough journey to achieve the first few followers on your page. 

Well, it may seem distressing. The trick lies in getting the first few followers to notice your brand and follow your account. Things will then start to get better, and your presence will become more prominent. In no time, you will be able to hit 5000 followers on Instagram.

Your safe and rewarding bet to grow your followers on Instagram is to remain natural and organic. Let’s look at some of the aspects that would help you get your first 5K Instagram followers. And all this without choosing any paid marketing services. 

Why Is It Essential To Post To Generate Huge Following?

Generally, people tend to follow accounts that post quality content between regular intervals. Inactive accounts with a lesser user engagement are a major turn down for followers. Studies show that posting between the right intervals will boost your Instagram account’s growth. If you post more often, you will increase the number of likes on your post. It will also increase your chance of being more visible on the platform. 

Do you want to create a strong connection with your followers? Post at regular intervals and update your Instagram story. This should do the trick. Share your likes and dislikes, along with what you are passionate about. This way, you can get many followers who are from the same niche. Besides, first-time visitors who stumble on your page will be able to relate to what you have to offer better. As for returning visitors, they will be able to form a deeper connection with what you have to offer.

Work Your Way And Use Quality Hashtag Strategy.

Hashtags happen to have a significant importance on the Instagram platform. Using the right hashtag strategy will give exposure to your Instagram account. A vast targeted audience would connect to your post and would not get tired of using them. Due to the wide popularity of using hashtags, you can even follow a hashtag you are interested in. Sounds great to view posts from a specific niche, all in one place, isn’t it?

Hashtags also attract new visitors to your Instagram profile. But you need to make sure that you’re choosing the right ones to leverage your brand or business. Hashtags help match your profile with a popular or an existing influencer. It’ll help you get better exposure. Just ensure to choose popular hashtags that match your niche, products, brand, or the services you provide. 

Also, avoid posting hashtags that are irrelevant and do not have any clear connection to your post. It will only disappoint your followers, and you may lose a few followers during the process.

Should You Interact And Collaborate With Popular Influencers and Brands?

An effective way to boost your Instagram followers would be by collaborating with other accounts. You can either opt for partnership or collaborate through sponsorships. The first step to put in place would be to follow your niche’s top influencers and brands. Watch out for what content they’re posting and the captions they use. Lookout for the people following such accounts and interact with them to get new followers.

By collaborating with influential brands, you will be able to engage in each other’s stories. Through such partnerships, you can tap into their audience and gain a new reliable audience. 

If you have enough money to choose social media sponsorships, then influencer marketing would be a better choice. Popular brands allow Instagram influencers to promote their services and products on the brand’s original Instagram page. It is an effective method to increase followers. And in turn, they become your potential followers. This method works on the level of trust built between the influencer and their followers. Besides, this strategy is effective to grow your Instagram followers. 

Gain 5K Followers By Using Instagram Analytics Tools

With the help of analytics tools, you will get information on the users who follow your account. You will also come across many free analytics tools, where the information provided is in detail. 

Here, you will view the list of new followers, inactive accounts, engagement rate, and followers who follow you. By analyzing this information, you will get a better insight into your account. You will know what you need to do to be more effective in engaging more followers to your account.

Some of the top Instagram analytics tools you will come across are:

  • Quintly
  • Curalate
  • Union Metrics
  • Iconosquare
  • Sprout Social

Using these tools, you will get informative and valid details about your account. By understanding your existing and potential audience, you can frame your future posts. 

Besides, it highlights the content that gets you more engagements or impressions. In this manner, you will be able to post similar content that will drive more traffic to your page. By following this process, you can increase your followers and get more likes for your posts.

Using Live Videos And Stories Can Attract More Followers To Your Instagram Handle

Instagram started out as a social media platform for sharing photos. Now it has ventured beyond the borders of posting pictures. You will come across interactive features such as stories, videos, and live videos. Using these features, brands and influencers can create a wide variety of content. The fresh content helps to keep their followers engaged and attract them to your page. 

By going live on Instagram, you can have interactive sessions. Here you can have interesting conversations with your followers. You can even address the followers’ queries related to your niche. Studies suggest that the average engagement of live videos is much higher than the average engagement of a single post. This is because when you go live, it appears on your follower’s story feeds. The story feed makes it more compelling for the audience to click and watch. It therefore drives more traffic to your page and proves to be the most effective method. 

Final Thoughts

You will not find any quick-fix methods to attract users to your account overnight. It takes a good amount of time and hard work to get your potential audience to love your Instagram handle. 

It is for sure that if luck is in your hands, you may end up going viral or getting a big shoutout from a popular Influencer Account. However, remember such events are rare, and you need to make sure that your users are very much interested in your account. Or else, they may lose interest and unfollow you later.