Whether you are a brand or an individual user, you would want to make an impact on social media, especially on Instagram. Paying to gain fake followers and likes is such a cliché. It does nothing apart from increasing the count. If you have tried it and not succeeded, then here is a foolproof way of getting real followers and likes without completing surveys, and that too for free!

Follower numbers are crucial on Instagram:

  • The more followers and engaging content you have on your profile, the more profits you could gain.
  • Social media marketing is all about numbers. The success of your account is measured by the number of followers that you have on your account. 
  • Your followers are the key to getting more likes for your posts. Ultimately they generate the revenue for you. 
  • The curated content should reach the right audience. If you don’t have the right audience, all your efforts will go down the drain. 

Organic growth:

There are various software’s in the market offering their services to get more followers and for your account. But, trust us most of them are scams. They promise the world, the sun, the moon, and the stars and deliver nothing. Besides, with so much vital data in their hand, such as your account password, we don’t deem them to be safe and secure either. 

Aim to get organic followers, don’t fall for these marketing companies and their false promises.

Avoid paid services:

As stated earlier, organic growth would be your best bet to gain popularity on Instagram. Most automated services may help you get followers initially, but this approach is not secure. As per Instagram’s terms and services, taking the help of bots to get followers and likes is a matter of compliance. The profiles found guilty are dealt with strictly. 

Besides, why pay for getting followers when you can get them for free and without completing any surveys? 

How to gain free followers:

There is no clear-cut formula for you to apply to get the followers. But you can definitely follow these simple steps given below to get a few.

1. To start with, do proper research and look for the program that suits your needs. Check to get the free likes and followers do you have to take any surveys. 

2. Go through the programs like AiGrow and GetInsta. Once you are sure about the credentials of a program, register on it. 

3. Once the registration process is through, you must personalize your audience. You can do it using hashtags, locations, and other criteria.

4. Next in line is to create a strategy that works for you. For instance, you may want to send a DM or direct message to the target audience, or you may like to run contests, etc.

5. Determine a number that you would like to restrict your followers for the day. Overactivity can get you detected, and your account can get banned by Instagram.

Points to remember:

  • It is possible to get 1000s of followers within a week. But if you do not achieve your goal, remember perseverance leads to success. 
  • Using the right strategy is important. 
  • Staying active by posting engaging content will ensure that the followers’ lead turns into a real follower.
  • There is no need to download the software at all or answer any surveys. 

Is AiGrow, the right growth software?

AiGrow is a growth service that helps get at least one hundred followers as part of its trial week. 

Step 1: talk to an expert from AiGrow about your account’s identity and the audience you are targeting. Tell them how many followers you are aiming at.

Step 2: the company’s expertise will work on your account. You will soon be able to notice your account follower numbers grow. 

AiGrow has the following add-ons that you can unlock as and when your account followers grow. 

  • Auto direct message tool
  • A direct connection from your inbox to your email
  • Giveaway generator for higher engagement with audiences
  • A call button
  • Scheduler 
  • Content-idea calendar
  • Customized bio 

Discretion while engaging third-party apps:

You need to understand that taking the help of third-party apps to get followers and likes is against the terms and policy of Instagram. When Instagram detects a third-party app as a bot, it automatically detects the account using it as a spam maker. The immediate result is the ban of the account. You would risk losing all the hard work that you have put in on the account. This is why Instagram experts recommend only those services/programs that are beta tested and do not violate the company’s terms of service. 

The risks are overwhelming:

Software that lures users with followers and likes would prompt them to take the survey. During which you would be prompted to part with personal details, including your Instagram password. It is an overwhelming risk; think before taking the survey. Do you want to take such a risk? 

Assuming that they do not misuse your personal information, and there might also be a spurt in the number of followers, in the beginning, most of the follower profiles can turn out to be fake and doctored ones. Even if they are real followers, they should share the same interest as in your account’s niche. 

Here is how you can get more organic growth:

Organic growth means real growth. It is not something that can happen overnight. It requires a reasonable amount of time and a lot of energy, and hard work. 

You can grow your account’s followers organically:

  • Employing newer strategies
  • Creating excellent content
  • Using subtitles
  • adding hashtags
  • interacting with your target followers
  • giving them what they like and holding back their dislikes. 

Organic growth can take twice the amount of time, but these followers would stick with you for a long time. Fortunately, using software such as AiGrow would help you get followers and likes organically without taking any surveys.

Is GetInsta reliable?

According to the reviews, it is safe to say that GetInsta is a reliable tool. The tool functions effectively and helps to get hundreds of followers for your account. What more, you don’t have to share your Instagram password and other personal information as well. There are no forms to fill whatsoever.

The account details are safe and secure. The followers added to the account are one hundred percent real. GetInsta has a 24/7 tech support system to help you with technical glitches and doubts. The app is available on iOS, Android, and Windows devices. 

Are they a good investment?

  • You are not asked to fill lengthy questionnaires saving you so much time. 
  • Passwords are not requested; this protects your account from hackers and misuse.
  • There is no need to register accounts with a phone number.
  • As a rule, they do not cooperate with third parties making whatever data they have with them safe and secure. 


It is very easy to grow your Instagram followers without any verification. If your content is good, your account growth can be at the rate of 10X or more! We can understand how tiresome Instagram surveys can be. Zero human interaction growth service is the need of the hour because there is no inherent risk of misuse of personal data and losing control of your account. Hope this free guide was informative and helped you get more followers and likes for your account.